May 2023

AquaVie Instructor Spotlight: Karina

Karina has been attending healing ceremonies for as long as she can remember. From participating in full moon circles to earth day gatherings to ancestral ceremonies at a young age with her mom, these deep-rooted experiences laid the foundation for her continued practice in the healing arts (including reiki

March 2023

Celebrate International Women’s Month & National Nutrition Month at AquaVie

March is a month for revival and fresh beginnings. It’s the month that brings us springtime—the warming weather and extra daylight brighten moods and sets anticipation for more good things to come. With all this brightness and capacity for growth, it’s also the perfect time to celebrate International Women’s

February 2023

Better Together: Tips for Making Partner Workouts Twice as Sweet

This time of year, we celebrate the joy of being together. We recognize our loved ones—whether Valentines, gal pals, co-workers, or best buds. But one less-recognized relationships many of us have—or could benefit from having—are our workout partners. With love from the AquaVie team to you and yours, here’s

January 2023

How to Make 2023 Your Best Fitness Year Yet

As you kick off 2023 with a list of new fitness and health goals for the upcoming year, you may be finding it difficult to stay consistent. Finding an accountability partner is one of the best ways to strengthen your commitment or get you back on track. You don’t

December 2022

Staying Healthy During the Holidays

As the holiday season rolls around each year, it can be difficult to find balance—to enjoy the celebrations of the season without losing your wellness routine. But “wellness” isn’t just about clean eating and burned calories. Being truly well is a lifestyle; it’s consistently feeling your all-around best. At

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