In honor of International Women’s Month this month, we’re taking some time to highlight the amazing women who shine their light in our community and help make AquaVie a place that supports, strengthens, and unites women. 

When women are empowered, communities as a whole can grow and thrive. At AquaVie, we’re so grateful to the women who lead us and help us make strides forward toward our goals. 

Whether meeting someone for the first time or taking a moment to discover something new about some of your favorite folks on staff, keep reading to learn more about the amazing women of our AquaVie Fitness + Wellness community! 

Get the Inside Scoop on the Women Supporting our Fitness Center

The women who lead our Group X classes are examples of strength and leadership. Whether fostering mind/body/heart connections through powerful yoga flows or leading core-strengthening pilates sculpting sessions, these women lead by example daily. 

  •  Taylor teaches yoga at AquaVie.  “Fun fact about my yoga class—I love making new playlists based on my moods and how the music makes my class feel!” 
  • Elyssa teaches yoga at AquaVie and has been in the fitness industry since she was 16. She loves a good cup of coffee with good company and believes yoga is more about what feels good than looks good! 
  •  Nia teaches yoga at AquaVie. “I’m in medical school and interested in integrative medicine, which is why I love practicing and teaching yoga and helping others come back to their body and minds through breath and movement! My only rule during all my classes is that you listen to your body and honor yourself throughout your practice and life!”
  • Jessica is a club manager and former Personal Trainer at AquaVie. “Even though I no longer train or teach, I work out every day and am a certified personal trainer and nutritionist coach. I am a huge reader, and you can catch me with my nose in a book in my free time.”

Get to Know the Ladies of AquaVie Spa

Overall, meeting health and wellness goals relies on recovery practices and taking time for more gentle self-care. The women of AquaVie Spa show us how to radically lean in and listen to our bodies, providing rejuvenation through holistic, healing treatments. 

  •  Jessica is a Massage Therapist at AquaVie Spa. “I speak Spanish, and my favorite service at AquaVie is the deep tissue massage.”
  • Candy is both an Esthetician and Massage Therapist at AquaVie Spa. “As a dual licensed Esthetician and Massage Therapist, I love when I have the opportunity to give a combination treatment, blending a massage and facial together.”
  • Melissa is an Esthetician at AquaVie Spa. “What is most important to me is creating an experience that allows the client to feel completely in bliss. I appreciate the beauty a kind touch or word does for the human soul. Working at AquaVie gives me the opportunity to express myself while helping others through skincare.” 

Get Connected to a Community that Cares!

Empowered women, empower others! All of these leaders are here to support you in your fitness and wellness goals at AquaVie. Get connected with one of these awesome women today—whether joining a Group X class, getting focused with a personal training session, or finding a healing treatment that works for you with a personal spa service.