Frequently Asked Questions

Statement of Inclusion2021-07-08T17:37:37-07:00

AquaVie Fitness + Wellness Club believes that people are at the center of everything we do, from caring for our employees and guests, to serving the communities where we live. We are committed to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion in hiring, training, and career advancement. Building a community that is respectful and kind towards one another is who we are.

We recruit and reward and advance employees based on capability and performance — regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, lifestyle, age, educational background, national origin, religion, Veteran status or physical ability.

Who can use AquaVie Fitness + Wellness Club?2021-05-10T13:49:34-07:00

Everyone is welcome at AquaVie. We offer monthly memberships as well as single day passes. AquaVie is also open to guests of The Westgate Hotel. Children under 16 are not allowed in the workout areas or locker rooms.

Where do I park my vehicle?2022-07-27T22:26:29-07:00

Guests are encouraged to valet at The Westgate Hotel.
Daily maximum parking rate is $50. For shorter visits, the first hour is $12, while every additional 30 minutes or part thereof is $6.00.

Some club membership levels include three hours of complimentary parking ($6 every half hour after, $50 max), including EV charging stations. Please review your membership agreement to confirm if parking is included.

To ensure a safe and efficient parking process, all guests and AquaVie members are required to stop and identify themselves at the valet station. Walking up and down the ramp is unsafe and prohibited.

Does AquaVie have personal trainers?2020-03-04T14:54:01-08:00

Yes. AquaVie Fitness + Wellness Club has personal trainers ready to help you reach your fitness goals with private personal training sessions. They are also available to help answer any questions about our state-of-the-art weight and cardio machines. Please contact our AquaVie front desk for more information or to book a personal training session.

Does AquaVie offer group classes?2021-05-10T13:52:22-07:00

AquaVie Fitness + Wellness Club offers a variety of group classes that are open to all guests and members. Please visit the Classes page of our website for class schedule.

Who can use the Rooftop Pool?2020-03-04T14:54:11-08:00

Anyone receiving an AquaVie Spa treatment, all AquaVie Fitness + Wellness Club members, day pass guests and guests of The Westgate Hotel are welcome to use the Rooftop Pool. The pool is open Monday through Friday, 5 AM to 10 PM and Saturday through Sunday, 7 AM to 7 PM. Poolside food and beverage service is also available during those hours.

Can I bring my own food or drinks to the Rooftop Pool?2021-05-10T13:54:57-07:00

No outside food or drinks are allowed on the pool deck. AquaVie offers a full menu of appetizers, main dishes, refreshments and alcoholic beverages for purchase. Please open your smart phone camera and point it to the QR code sign on pool deck to view menu and place order. ( https://westgatehotel.menu/)

Are lockers provided for AquaVie Fitness + Wellness Club, Spa and Rooftop Pool guests?2020-03-04T15:20:17-08:00

Yes, keyless lockers are provided for all AquaVie guests.

What amenities are included with an AquaVie Spa Treatment?2020-03-04T15:20:25-08:00

Any guest receiving a spa treatment is encouraged to indulge in our extensive list of amenities to create a full and luxurious wellness experience. Amenities include steam room, dry sauna, fitness equipment, relaxation area with refreshments, rooftop heated pool, hot tub and private showers.

Is there a Member Policy Guide?2021-05-18T11:18:22-07:00


Our Member Policy Guide has been created to make it easy for you to find answers to questions you may have about your AquaVie Fitness + Wellness Club membership. This handy guide outlines general club policies that have been established to ensure your comfort, safety and enjoyment of our facility.

Please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the contents of the Member Policy Guide. Knowing and observing club rules and policies will help ensure that every visit to the club is enjoyable.



Club Hours

Physical Activity Readiness


Attire & Footwear

Club Concierge Desk


Fitness Center

Group Fitness / Wellness Studios

Rooftop Pool

AquaVie Spa


Locker Rooms

Steam Rooms, Saunas & Hot Tub

Banquet & Meeting Space

Gift Cards

IHRSA Passport

General Club Policies

Club Charge Accounts

House Phones

Member Telephones

Emergency Procedures




Regular hours of operation for the club are Monday – Friday 5:00am to 10:00pm and Saturday – Sunday 7:00am to 7:00pm.

We appreciate your cooperation in planning your workout and shower time so that you are prepared to leave the club promptly at closing time. Club hours will vary to accommodate holidays or other special occasions. We will post any schedule changes at least one week in advance (at the Club desk and through social media/email announcement) so that you can modify your workout schedule.


PHYSICAL ACTIVITY READINESS – Please complete the following pre-activity screening before you use the club:

If any of the following factors apply to you now or in the future, consult your physician before increasing your physical activity level or proceeding with a fitness evaluation/test or training program: heart disease, numbness in the shoulders or arms, fainting/dizzy spells, high or low blood pressure, high cholesterol, bone and/or joint pain, unaccustomed to regular exercise, on medication, recent illness, diabetes, epilepsy/seizures, recent surgery, under/overweight, chest pains, pregnant, smoker, male over 45 years of age or female over 55 years of age. While the Club endeavors to create a safe and healthy environment for all members, it does not retain physicians on staff. Therefore, it is up to each member to monitor their own activities and understand their limits. All members and guests are responsible for securing their own health insurance. The Club does not provide medical coverage for injuries sustained on the premises or while participating in Club-sponsored activities and events, whether on the premises or not.



AquaVie Fitness + Wellness Club provides a convenient underground parking for use by all members when visiting the club (subject to availability). The parking entrance is located on 2nd Avenue facing C Street before the train tracks. Using The Westgate Hotel’s address of 1055 2nd avenue will assist in finding our parking structure.

  • The parking structure is shared by club members, hotel guests, restaurant, and spa patrons.
  • You will receive a valet ticket; bring the ticket back to the valet podium when you are ready to depart.
  • Please observe a 5mph speed limit in the garage.
  • Please do not leave any valuables in your car; The Westgate Hotel and AquaVie is not responsible for the loss of or damage to any personal property brought on premises.



At AquaVie Fitness + Wellness Club, we strive to create an environment that is upscale and aesthetically pleasing, yet comfortable and safe for all. We ask all members and guests to use your best judgment in your choices of attire for the public areas of the club and hotel, and we ask that you consider safety and performance issues in your choices of athletic gear and footwear for sports participation. Here are our basic attire and footwear standards:

  • Shirts and shoes are required at all times in all areas except the locker rooms and rooftop.
  • Always wear closed-toe athletic shoes in the fitness center and when participating in any sport or group exercise class. If participating in an exercise class such as yoga, which is performed barefoot, wear shoes to and from the studio.
  • Exercise attire should not be overly revealing, and fabrics or accessories should not cause damage to the upholstery on fitness equipment.
  • Swimwear is appropriate only on the rooftop and locker rooms.



The Club Concierge Desk is the “hub” of AquaVie. We ask that everyone entering the club check in with the Concierge Desk receptionist. Concierge Desk personnel are there for your convenience – whatever assistance or information you need, they can help or point you in the right direction.

  • We ask that members present their membership card to the Concierge Desk receptionist upon entering the club. For the safety of our members we cannot admit anyone into the club without proper identification.
  • Membership cards are not transferable and may not be loaned.
  • If a membership card is lost, we will gladly replace it at a nominal fee.
  • For your convenience many club transactions, such as guest registrations and guest fees and payments on account may be handled at the Club Concierge Desk.



AquaVie Fitness + Wellness Club welcomes guests and encourages members to share the experiences of the club with friends, family, and co-workers. To ensure club members optimum use of the club and to protect the value of your membership, the following Guest Policies apply:

  • Members may bring guests to AquaVie for a $25.00 fee.
  • We ask all guests to sign in at the Club Concierge Desk upon entering, present valid photo ID, and register at the kiosk for security and liability purposes.
  • Please accompany your guest in the club at all times, and please take responsibility for your guest’s conduct and attire.
  • In fairness to all, we ask guests to follow the same club rules, policies and etiquette guidelines applicable to members.
  • Expelled or suspended members may not come as the guest of another member. Club privileges are revoked.
  • Extended guest passes or temporary memberships may be purchased for out-of-town visitors (those living outside a 25-mile radius of the club). Contact the Club Concierge Desk or Membership Department for more information.



Constantly growing to meet the changing needs of today’s health and fitness-conscious member, AquaVie Fitness + Wellness Club features one of the most contemporary and diverse Fitness Centers in the industry. Along with a wide variety of equipment for cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility training, we offer a great selection of wellness programs and services, led by educated, certified instructors and trainers.

For the safety and comfort of all members, we’ve put together the following fitness policies and etiquette guidelines:

  • Only AquaVie personal trainers may provide instruction on the fitness floors.
  • All new members are encouraged to meet with one of our experienced personal trainers to help you get familiar with the machines, and more in-depth sessions can help perfect your form.
  • Beverages in plastic, non-spill containers are permitted in the Fitness Center, but please, no food.
  • Cell phones must be placed on mute when used in the Fitness Center. Cell phones may be used for text messaging, checking emails or listening to music with headphones. They may not be used for placing or taking calls, taking pictures or recording video (unless approved).
  • Please use a locker in the locker room to store your athletic bag or other personal items, and do not bring them with you into the Fitness Center. The club is not responsible for the loss or damage to personal possessions.
  • Most pieces of cardio equipment have built-in displays – just connect via Bluetooth or bring your headphones to plug into the jack on the equipment if you’d like to watch TV while working out. Some pieces also have an iPod jack so you can enjoy your own music or other entertainment while exercising.
  • Return all cardio equipment to zero speed and elevation (where applicable) after use. Never exit a treadmill with the belt still moving, or step onto a treadmill with a moving belt. Stand on the sides of the treadmill before you step onto the belt in order to ensure that the belt is not moving.
  • Perform weight lifting exercises properly, safely, and under control at all times. Please do not drop or slam weights.
  • Workout towels are provided; please put used towels in one of the Fitness Center or locker room towel bins.
  • Disinfectant wipes are provided; please wipe perspiration off the cardio or weight machines after use.
  • As a courtesy to your fellow members, please return all dumbbells, weight plates, and handles to racks after use.
  • When performing more than one set on weight equipment, allow others to “work in” between your sets. Do not monopolize equipment.
  • No equipment (i.e., dumbbells, physio balls, stretching mats, etc.) in the Fitness Center may be taken to other parts of the club.
  • No scents or essential oils.
  • Proper workout clothing and closed-toe athletic shoes must be worn.
  • No one under the age of 16 may enter the Fitness Center. Members must be minimum age 18.
  • Ask for assistance before using any equipment which you are unfamiliar.
  • Membership privileges may be suspended or revoked for failure to follow all Fitness Center policies.



AquaVie Fitness + Wellness Club boasts a highly experienced, talented, and professional team of Group Fitness Instructors. Our group fitness schedule features a wide variety of classes daily, offering something for all fitness levels and interests. The following guidelines are in place to ensure the safest and best possible group fitness experience for everyone:

  • Please be prompt for class. For safety reasons, do not enter a class more than ten minutes late. If you are late, please take a spot in the back of the studio to minimize interruption of the class, and take responsibility for your own warm-up.
  • Please follow the instructor’s direction and the class format, with allowances for modifications due to physical limitations or fitness levels. If modifications are needed, please place yourself to the back of studio.
  • No perfumes, essential oils or heavy scents in the exercise studios.
  • Please courteously wait for a class in progress to officially end before entering the studio for the next class.
  • As a courtesy to the instructor and fellow participants, please do not carry on long or loud conversations during class.
  • Please do not bring personal belongings, except a towel and non-spill water bottle, into the studios.
  • Talking and/or texting on cell phones is not permitted in class.
  • When you arrive for class, you may set up your equipment (Bosu, mat, etc.) but not save a space or set up for another participant.
  • For classes with sign-up requirements, you may sign in only for yourself.
  • All studio equipment must stay in the studio or storage area. Weights, may not be taken to other areas of the club.
  • Specific instructors are assigned to each class. However, should illness or emergencies arise; another highly skilled instructor may be assigned to substitute a class.
  • Only AquaVie group fitness instructors may provide instruction in the studios.
  • If you are just beginning an exercise program or have any medical concerns, please inform your instructor prior to class.
  • The studios are group programming areas and are open outside of scheduled class times however, must be made available for any group classes.
  • Classes may be cancelled or rescheduled due to low participation.



AquaVie Fitness + Wellness Club offers a resort-style outdoor rooftop, featuring a lap pool, adult co-ed hot tub. The swimming pool is open year-round. To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all, please follow these policies when using the Rooftop Pool:

  • Lifeguards are not on duty. All persons using the pool, hot tub do so at their own risk.
  • Please wear proper swimwear; no cut-offs, shorts, leotards, thong suits or t-shirts.
  • Food and alcoholic beverages are permitted when served by the property.
  • No glass, coolers or outside food and beverage allowed on the pool deck.
  • Bottle water is permitted when contained in plastic bottles versus glass.
  • All food and beverage items must be stored and consumed at least four feet from the swimming pool and purchased from the property.
  • Ice chests and coolers are not permitted.
  • Please shower and rinse off any sun tan oils before entering the pools or hot tub.
  • For everyone’s safety, we do not permit running, pushing, dunking, or general rough play in the pools, hot tub, or on pool deck.
  • Please don’t bring rafts, tubes, balls or water guns to the Rooftop Pool.
  • Kickboards, pull buoys, and hand paddles are permitted if used properly.
  • No diving at any time.
  • Please do not stand or sit on the lane lines at any time.
  • Persons wearing adhesive bandages or those with skin infections, open wounds, or any communicable disease may not enter the pool or hot tub.
  • Persons under the influence of alcohol or other drugs or medicines should not use the pool or hot tub.
  • Elderly persons, pregnant women, and persons with health conditions should consult with a physician before using the hot tub.
  • Please use caution when using the outdoor hot tub – long exposure may result in nausea, dizziness, or fainting.
  • AquaVie reserves the right to schedule programming (group fitness classes, swim lessons, summer BBQ’s, etc.) or private rentals in the pool or deck areas. Lap or open swimming may not be available at all times on all days.
  • Do not use the pool alone.
  • Report all injuries or incidents occurring in the Rooftop Pool to staff.


Lap Pool Policies & Precautions:

  • Lifeguards are not on duty. All persons using the pool do so at their own risk.
  • No leaning, standing, sitting or jumping on or over the lanes.
  • Lap pool is for continuous lap swimming. When the lap pool is busy, swimmers must share lap lanes, and should circle swim when more than two swimmers are sharing a lane.
  • Do not use pool alone.



At AquaVie Spa our goal is to recover and relax the body, soothe and calm the mind, and delight and uplift the senses. Through the provision of an extensive menu of massage, facial, and body treatments, AquaVie Spa is dedicated to enhancing your life … mind, body and spirit. AquaVie Spa features five treatment rooms and is located on level 3.

  • AquaVie Spa is open to club members, hotel guests and the general public.
  • Appointments may be booked by calling (619) 557-3668 or stopping by the Concierge Desk.
  • We recommend that you schedule spa services at least one week in advance in order to secure the time that is most convenient for you.
  • AquaVie Spa, with complete descriptions of and pricing for all treatments and services, is available on our website https://www.aquaviewellness.com/spa/.
  • AquaVie Spa features a wide variety of massage techniques, body treatments, facial treatments, and specialized services such as hair removal and more. Spa packages are available with an assortment of treatments.
  • Please arrive twenty minutes before your appointment and check in at the Club Concierge Desk. We recommend that you remove any make-up or jewelry prior to your treatment. If you would like to shower and enjoy the hot tub, sauna or steam room to help begin the relaxation process, we suggest arriving forty minutes early.
  • When you check in, you will receive a locker for your personal belongings with a robe, and spa sandals. Please do not bring valuables to AquaVie Spa.
  • If you are running late, please call ahead to let us know. Note that your late arrival will determine the length of your appointment. Your service will end on time so that the next guest is not delayed.
  • Treatments you select are reserved especially for you. We require a minimum of 24 hours advance notice for canceling or rescheduling a single treatment. Without notification, full payment will be charged.



Poolside Menu

The AquaVie outdoor poolside menu is a wonderful food and beverage option to enjoy the view and get some rays! A special menu filled with seasonal offerings and delicious drinks are available and on our website https://www.aquaviewellness.com/rooftop-pool/



AquaVie Fitness + Wellness Club’s luxurious men’s and women’s locker rooms provide many amenities for your convenience. Towel service is complimentary; showers are stocked with shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel; vanity counters feature hair dryers, lotion, and hair spray; scales and emergency phones are also available.

Please keep in mind the following policies when using the locker rooms:

  • STRICTLY PROHIBITTED: Any use of cell phones and electronic devices with photography or video recording capability is NOT permitted in the locker rooms and restrooms – no exceptions.
  • This is for your privacy and security.
  • Children ages 16 and under are not allowed in locker rooms.
  • Regular lockers are for day use only. Please do not leave your belongings in lockers overnight. If you would like to upgrade your membership for overnight locker access and laundry service please contact the AquaVie Concierge desk.
  • The Digilock system is installed on all lockers. To lock a locker after putting your belongings in it: shut the door, press the “Start” button, then any four numbers, then press the lock icon. A blinking red light will indicate that the door is locked. To open your locker, simply repeat the above steps.
  • We recommend that you do not leave valuables in day-use lockers. The club is not responsible for any items lost or damaged on club property.
  • Please be neat; place used towels in bins and close locker doors.
  • Be considerate of others waiting when using the showers, restroom stalls or hair dryers. Do not use the showers or restroom stalls as changing booths.
  • If shaving in the shower, please carefully dispose of your used razor.
  • Locker room amenities are provided for your use while at the club. No amenities or containers may be removed from the locker rooms or kept in personal lockers.
  • Water in a plastic, non-spill container is permitted in the locker room; please no food or other drinks/containers.
  • Use caution when walking on tile surfaces as floors may be slippery when wet.



Located in the men’s and women’s locker rooms, the steam room and sauna are great places to relax after a workout or before a spa treatment. Please keep the following safety and courtesy guidelines in mind when enjoying these facilities:

  • Lifeguards are not on duty. All persons using the steam room, sauna or hot tub do so at their own risk.
  • Due to high temperatures and/or humidity, the steam room, sauna and hot tub can be dangerous to your health. Staying too long in a heated area is capable of causing overheating, unconsciousness and death. It is recommended that you consult your physician before use.
  • Prolonged exposure is capable of inducing hyperthermia. Because there is no lifeguard on duty, you must monitor your own time and exit immediately if you experience any of the signs of hyperthermia, including an increase in internal body temperature, dizziness, lethargy, drowsiness and fainting.
  • Do not use if you are pregnant or have high/low blood pressure, heart disease, kidney disease, respiratory or circulatory problems, and/or other medical conditions that might be adversely affected by high heat and/or humidity.
  • Do not use if under the care of a physician, if on medication or under the influence of alcohol.
  • Persons with skin infections, open wounds or any communicable diseases may not enter the steam room, sauna or whirlpool.
  • Recommended use is three to five minutes. Limit use to no more than 10 minutes. Please use clock to monitor your own time.
  • Wait at least 10 minutes after exercising before entering.
  • Please shower before use.
  • Please sit on a towel when using the steam room or sauna.
  • Please do not use steam room or sauna for changing or drying clothes.
  • Please do not use steam room, sauna or hot tub for exercising or stretching.
  • Please do not sleep in the steam room, sauna or hot tub and do not use alone.
  • The following are not permitted: shaving, eating and drinking, street/workout clothes and shoes, oils fragrances (including eucalyptus) and other body or facial treatment products.
  • Lights are to remain on while in use.
  • Please do not place combustible materials on the sauna heater at any time.
  • Please do not pour water on sauna rocks or heating elements.
  • Please pick up paper cups, newspapers and towels after use.
  • Use caution when walking as floor may be slippery when wet.



AquaVie Fitness + Wellness Club gift cards make great gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, and special holidays. You can give the gift of health, fitness and relaxation with a gift card for just about any program or service AquaVie offers. Ideas include: spa packages, food and beverage at by the pool, private training sessions, and club memberships. Gift cards may be purchased at the Club Concierge Desk.



AquaVie Fitness + Wellness Club is a member of the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA), an association of quality clubs throughout the U.S. and internationally. As a member of our club, you have access to over 3,000 clubs worldwide. Guest fees may apply; at many clubs, they are reduced for IHRSA club members. If you are planning a trip and you want to include working out in your travel plans, stop by the Club Concierge Desk or search www.healthclubs.com to get a list of participating clubs in your destination area. IHRSA Passports can be downloaded from IHRSA.org.



AquaVie Fitness + Wellness Club’s Rules and Regulations have been established for the benefit of all members and guests. The rules contained herein are not all inclusive. AquaVie management reserves the right to add, amend, or delete the rules from time to time. Additional rules may be posted in the club, on the web site, or on printed notices.

  • For the health and wellbeing of our members, AquaVie observes a no smoking policy. Smoking is not permitted in the club or on property.
  • For the comfort of our members we cannot allow solicitation of any kind (i.e., charitable, religious, political, business) toward any club member, guest or associate on property. Outside materials may not be posted or distributed in the club, unless authorized by management.
  • AquaVie employs a team of trained experts to provide our members with safe health and fitness training. Therefore, instruction or training by unauthorized personnel is prohibited.
  • All AquaVie members and staff are entitled to a respectful and courteous environment –- loud, offensive, abusive, profane or bothersome behavior will result in expulsion from the club.
  • Creating and maintaining a sanitary environment is extremely important to us –- please do not spit or leave gum in the water fountains.
  • Maintaining a club that is clean and aesthetically appealing is an ongoing mission. This is your club and your assistance in identifying destructive behavior is greatly appreciated. Vandalism or mistreatment of club property is costly and will not be tolerated. Violators will be financially responsible.
  • The use, exchange or sale of anabolic steroids is strictly prohibited on the premises. Use of steroids to increase strength or growth can cause serious health problems. Steroids can keep teenagers from growing to their full height; they can also cause heart disease, stroke, and damaged liver function.
  • Men and women using steroids may develop fertility problems, personality changes and acne. Men can also experience premature balding and development of breast tissue. These health hazards are in addition to the civil and criminal penalties for unauthorized sale, use, or exchange of steroids.
  • Members are reminded to keep their belongings safe. AquaVie is not responsible for the loss of or damage to personal property brought into the club or onto club property.
  • All members and guests are responsible for securing their own health insurance. The Club does not provide medical coverage for injuries sustained on the premises or while participating in Club sponsored activities and events, whether on the premises or not.
  • For your convenience we maintain a Lost and Found system. If you have misplaced an item please inquire at the Club Concierge Desk. Also, if you find a misplaced item please give it to an AquaVie associate.
  • We take pride in reuniting lost items with their owners. All found items will be held for a minimum of 30 days. Lost and found items must be identified and claimed in person. Unclaimed items will be donated to charity.
  • Any member failing to abide by club policies may be subject to membership suspension or termination. AquaVie staff has the final decision regarding any problems or disputes.
  • Club Management reserves the right to suspend or terminate the membership or membership privileges of any member or guest for any conduct that is contrary to the Club’s best interest and/or presents a conflict of interest.



All charges are due on the 3rd of the month. Any uncollected charges are turned over to collections and all club privileges are revoked until balance is paid in full. The following may not be charged to your membership account: hotel room nights, club rental, and catering events. Your AquaVie in-house purchases will be charged to your credit card; the only card you need to carry is your membership card.



Purchasing a membership at AquaVie Fitness + Wellness Club grants you the right to use and enjoy our facilities in accordance with the club’s Rules and Regulations. Membership does not grant or carry with it any interest in the property or assets of the club, and does not give any right to members to participate in the management of the club, financially or otherwise.

As an easy reference, here is a list of important information regarding your membership account.

  • Monthly Dues. AquaVie shall, from time to time, determine the amount and terms of payment of dues which are payable by the members. The obligation to pay dues is not dependent on the availability of all the club’s facilities or the member’s frequency of use. Tournaments, repairs, maintenance of some facilities, and/or other occurrences may make it necessary for AquaVie to restrict the use of one or more of the facilities or to close the club temporarily. AquaVie will not reduce or suspend dues during times when facilities are not available.
  • Each year in January or September Depending on Join Date, members will be assessed an annual Facility Enhancement Fee of no more the $50.00 (fifty-dollars). 100% of the proceeds of the Facility Enhancement Fee will go towards new programs, equipment, and facility upgrades.
  • Account Changes. If any of your personal information (i.e., address, phone number, email address, checking or credit card account) changes during the course of your membership, please report this change to the club. You may make the change with the Membership Change Form. Members must complete and sign to authorize change.
  • Member is responsible for notifying the Club in writing of any persons who are added to or cancelled from the membership account, or any changes to the membership type. A membership status change must be completed at the Club by the 1st of the month to be reflected the first of the following month. The members account must be a zero balance at the time of the status change. A fee for the status changed is charged.
  • Hold/Freezing Membership. A Member may request to put his/her membership on hold/freeze, for no less than two and up to six months, should a medical condition or temporary job relocation keep him/ her from use of the Club facilities. The request must be submitted in writing. Approval is at the sole discretion of the Club management. A monthly inactive fee will be charged, and any account balance must be paid in full prior to going on hold/freeze. No access to the Club will be permitted while the account is inactive.
  • Suspension and Termination. AquaVie reserves the right to suspend or terminate the membership or privileges of any member for failure to comply with club rules and regulations, or for any conduct
  • AquaVie determines to be improper or contrary to its best interests, or for nonpayment of dues or other charges for a period greater than 30 days. Suspended or terminated members remain liable for all dues or other indebtedness incurred prior to and during the suspension or termination, and are not entitled to a refund of any fees, dues or charges paid.



At AquaVie Fitness + Wellness Club, your safety is our first concern. Please take a moment to review these emergency procedures.

  • If you witness an emergency or accident, please advise a staff member immediately. You may also dial “0” on any club phone, which will connect you with our Operator.
  • Should a member or guest become injured while at AquaVie, club staff is not permitted to provide transport. AquaVie reserves the right to call emergency rescue services. AquaVie will provide basic first aid (i.e. bandages), however, cannot administer aspirin/medication or any additional medical applications.
  • In the event of a facility-wide emergency (i.e., fire, bomb threat, earthquake, etc.), we require the cooperation of all members in the club to follow the direction of club staff, and to evacuate the building immediately, if requested to do so.
  • All members are encouraged to be CPR certified.
  • First aid kits are located at the Club Concierge Desk. Facilities are equipped with an AED unit.
Do you offer Prenatal spa services?2020-03-04T15:20:37-08:00

Prenatal massage and pampering during pregnancy is the perfect way to treat yourself during this special time. Not only does it reduce stress and improve overall wellness, but it’s a great way to relieve some of the discomforts of pregnancy. AquaVie Spa is able to offer specialized treatments to our mothers-to-be who are in their 2nd and 3rd trimesters. Please inquire with Spa Concierge for details.

Is AquaVie ADA Accessible?2020-03-04T15:20:43-08:00

AquaVie is ADA accessible for guests offering:

  • Elevator access to all floors
  • Roll-in restrooms, shower, sauna and steam rooms with grab bars and accessible sink
  • Pool and Hot tub power lifts
  • Broad assortment of fitness equipment
  • Sound and strobe lights for emergency exit
Does AquaVie accept Spafinder Gift Cards?2020-03-04T15:20:49-08:00

Yes, AquaVie Spa accepts Spafinder gift cards for any spa service. Please mention to Spa Concierge upon arrival. Spafinder gift cards are not valid towards food and beverage.

What is Spa automatic gratuity?2021-04-16T09:58:41-07:00

18% automatic gratuity charge is added to the full value of all spa services.

Where do I park by bicycle or scooter?2020-09-01T18:58:41-07:00

Guests are encouraged to lock their bicycle or scooter in the Westagte Hotel parking parking garage at the bike rack.