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Full-Service Spa

AquaVie Spa reflects a modern, luxurious charm by incorporating the finest in organic skin care and body treatments, designed to nourish, purify and restore balance. Enjoy time for replenishment, self-care and a bit of peace and quiet in an atmosphere dedicated to you.

Our services


    • AquaVie Firming Facial

      60 Mins | $175
      90 Mins | $225

      Address fine lines, wrinkles, sunspots, loss of elasticity, dehydration and dullness with a facial that’s truly sublime. Includes advanced massage technique that effectively stimulates cellular regeneration, restores fullness and increases volume. Results include a visibly firm, plumped and even-toned face, neck and décolleté.

    • Elevated Wellness Facial

      60 Mins | $130
      90 Mins | $175

      Rebalance skin tone and relieve stress with a completely customized facial that leverages the power of natural-origin active ingredients. Whether you’re in need of deep purification, intense hydration or soothing relief for sensitive skin, we will tailor a unique facial with massage techniques and products that are right for you. Includes extractions.

    • Resurfacing Facial

      30 Mins | $85
      60 Mins | $150
      90 Mins | $175

      Help correct imperfections and protect against further skin damage due to sun exposure and aging. Special massage
      techniques are used to restore tone and promote cellular regeneration for vibrant, younger-looking skin.

    • Hydrating Facial

      30 Mins | $85
      60 Mins | $120
      90 Mins | $165

      Rehydrate and rejuvenate dehydrated skin for a healthy glow year-round. Ideal for winter dryness as well as summer sun exposure, this deeply hydrating treatment leaves the face, neck and décolleté profoundly moisturized, resulting in skin that’s silky, balanced and illuminated.

    • Deep Purification Facial

      30 Mins | $85
      60 Mins | $120
      90 Mins | $165

      Purify your skin with a deep cleansing treatment that gives skin a luminous, smooth and even appearance. A mattifying peel-off spirulina algae mask reduces oiliness and shine while purifying and balancing the skin, leaving it fresh and toned. Includes extractions.

    • Natural Radiance Facial

      30 Mins | $85
      60 mins | $120
      90 mins | $165

      Go au naturel with this certified organic treatment that only uses products formulated to ECOCERT® guidelines. Ideal for all ages and skin types, this naturally nourishing treatment provides cellular protection with an antioxidant-rich formula.


    • Antioxidant Booster


      This antioxidant addition includes pure Vitamin C to stimulate collagen synthesis for a radiant and illuminating glow.

    • Active Pureness Mask


      A mattifying peel-off spirulina algae mask reduces oiliness and shine to purify and balance the skin.

    • NuFACE Lifting Treatment


      This cutting-edge treatment utilizes microcurrent technology to instantly tone and lift the facial muscles.

    • Anti-Fatigue Eye Treatment


      A refreshing treatment that helps reduce signs of fatigue, fine lines, puffiness and dark circles to improve overall eye


    • Elevated Wellness Manicure

      60 Mins | $75

      This luxurious treatment leaves your hands healthy and rejuvenated. Nails are expertly trimmed and shaped while hands are moisturized with nourishing shea butter and exfoliated to a soft, smooth finish.

    • Elevated Wellness Pedicure

      60 Mins | $85

      This detoxifying and restorative indulgence begins with a nutrient-rich soak. Nails are then expertly trimmed and shaped, and calluses are smoothed. A detoxifying salt or sugar scrub is combined with a mud mask to soften, smooth and balance skin.

    • Elevated Wellness Manicure/Pedicure

      120 Mins | $150

      Treat both your hands and your feet for the ultimate in nourishing nail care treatments.

    • Express Manicure

      30 Mins | $35

      Nails are lightly trimmed and shaped. Cuticles are softened and removed. A luxurious lotion application leaves hands feeling soft and smooth.

    • Express Pedicure

      45 Mins | $60

      Designed for those who are short on time, this service includes a warm cleansing soak, nail shaping, cuticle care and basic exfoliation followed by a light massage.

    • Gel Polish Manicure

      60 Mins | $75

      A classic manicure complete with a gel color finish. This treatment includes cuticle care, nail shaping and a luxurious hand massage.

    • Gel Polish Removal

      20 Mins | $20

      Gel polish is expertly soaked and gently removed to maintain the healthiest natural nail possible. Removal will require additional time.


    • French Polish

      15 Mins | $15

      This pink and white classic is a perennial favorite that’s perfect for any occasion.

    • Fatigued Leg Treatment

      15 Mins | $45

      Exfoliate and detoxify with citrus and menthol to bring immediate relief to tired, heavy legs. Helps relieve pain and swelling due to fluid retention by improving circulation and promoting drainage.

    • Callous Repair

      10 Mins | $20

      Calluses are smoothed away with a natural skin softener.


    • Elevated Wellness Massage

      30 Mins | $95
      60 Mins | $135
      90 Mins | $195

      Our skilled massage therapists will customize your bodywork based on your specific needs and personal preferences.
      Includes your choice of massage modalities and therapeutic essential oils.

    • Swedish Massage

      30 Mins | $80
      60 Mins | $125
      90 Mins | $180

      One of the most well-known massage modalities, this type of bodywork incorporates five different types of massage strokes to stretch muscles, relieve tension and reduce pain. Areas of concentration and levels of pressure may be customized to fit individual needs.

    • Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage

      30 Mins | $95
      60 Mins | $145
      90 Mins | $190

      This deeply corrective massage releases muscle tension and toxins from the body. Relieves pain and discomfort in
      muscles, tendons and ligaments due to stress, injury or overuse in order to restore proper range of motion and improve athletic performance.

    • Sports Massage

      30 Mins | $95
      60 Mins | $145
      90 Mins | $190

      Designed with the serious athlete and fitness guru in mind, this customized massage targets strained and overworked muscle groups to restore full range of motion. Effective stretching techniques help to reduce recovery time and mitigate the stress of intensive training.

    • Couple’s Massage

      60 Mins | $230
      90 Mins | $350

      A popular indulgence for vacations and special occasions, our relaxing Couple’s Massage includes the Elevated Wellness Massage for two. Two of our skilled massage therapists will simultaneously attend to your individual needs in our spacious and well-appointed couple’s therapy room.

    • Maternity Massage

      60 Mins | $130
      90 Mins | $190

      Let our prenatal massage therapists treat you to some well-deserved relaxation and stress relief. Designed specifically for expectant mothers, this treatment promotes circulation and helps to relieve many of the discomforts of pregnancy, including fatigue, headache, sciatic pain, muscle aches and water retention.*
      *Second and third trimesters only.

    • Fatigued Leg Treatment

      30 Mins | $65

      Exfoliate and detoxify with citrus and menthol to bring immediate relief to tired, heavy legs. Helps relieve pain and swelling due to fluid retention by improving circulation and promoting drainage.


    • Sacred Nature Bio-Certified Oil


      An exclusive concentrate of organic oils that nourishes and hydrates skin in order to increase elasticity and reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

    • Longevity Body Scrub

      30 Mins | $85

      This three-in-one experience exfoliates, detoxifies and moisturizes the whole body. The rich and creamy shea butter and chia seed blend detoxifies, oxygenates and nourishes skin for a velvety smooth finish.

    • Fatigued Leg Treatment

      15 Mins | $45

      Exfoliate and detoxify with citrus and menthol to bring immediate relief to tired, heavy legs. Helps relieve pain and swelling due to fluid retention by improving circulation and promoting drainage.

    • WAXING

    • Eyebrow w/Facial

    • Eyebrow

      20 Mins | $30
    • Lip

      10 Mins | $15
    • Eyebrow, Upper Lip, Chin

      25 Mins | $55
    • Full Face

      25 Mins | $65
    • Underarm

      10 Mins | $30
    • Lower Arm

      25 Mins | $35
    • Full Arm

      25 Mins | $45
    • Men's Chest

      55 Mins | $65
    • Men's Back

      45 Mins | $55
    • Bikini

      25 Mins | $60
    • Full Bikini

      35 Mins | $65
    • Lower Leg

      25 Mins | $45
    • Full Leg

      55 Mins | $65

Our Specials

Whether visiting for a moment or returning again and again, AquaVie Spa offers a personalized holistic journey in a beautifully luxurious setting.

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Spa Etiquette


Our staff is dedicated to providing a comfortable and memorable spa experience. We offer the finest natural and organic products, keeping your health and well-being in mind. Please let us know of any medical conditions, allergies or special accommodations you may have. Please feel free to contact the spa with any questions or concerns.


Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time to check in, change, enjoy the steam room, relax in the lounge and prepare for your treatment. To ensure all guests receive their full treatment time, late arrivals cannot be guaranteed an extension of treatment time.


Spa services are guaranteed with a credit card. Please let us know of changes or cancellations within 24 hours of your appointment. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice are responsible for full amount of service.


Our spa service prices do not include gratuities. Any gratuity given for your service provider is at your discretion. If you would like, the Spa Concierge can assist you with extending a gratuity to your service provider.

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To preserve our tranquil environment, please silence your cell phone upon check-in so it does not disturb others. Place jewelry in your private locker. AquaVie Spa is not responsible for valuables lost or left at the spa.