Karina has been attending healing ceremonies for as long as she can remember. From participating in full moon circles to earth day gatherings to ancestral ceremonies at a young age with her mom, these deep-rooted experiences laid the foundation for her continued practice in the healing arts (including reiki and sound healing) and movement (dance, yoga, and Pilates). But, beyond personal experience or simple habit, the driving force behind her continual exploration of and commitment to these practices is the opportunity to serve others and hold space for her community. Through this community, Karina has witnessed the power of the ripple effect of healing. She’s watched as new attendees become regular students and then begin to bring friends and family members into the experience so that they can also enjoy the same benefits. This transfer of positivity motivates her as she hopes to continue to be a part of each of her student’s healing and self-discovery journeys.

These benefits of sound healing are proven to be powerful and diverse. Sound baths may lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. They can also reduce stress, stabilize moods and emotions, and—Karina’s personal favorite—they can even improve sleep. Physical, emotional, or mental, sound and music can be an effective healer for a wide range of struggles and ailments.

With such powerful tools in hand, Karina is intentional in every aspect of a sound bath experience. She takes great care and time getting to know her healing instruments, including quartz bowls, Tibetan bowls, and bells and chimes. She is constantly looking for opportunities to brush up on her knowledge, attending holistic events, workshops, or certifications. She also takes time to experience sound baths from other practitioners (especially Kinsey O’Leary). While she begins each session with a rough idea of sound sequences she wants to introduce, she remains open to the possibility of each moment. Anything can happen at any point and every experience is unique. Attendees can feel a range of emotions—some laugh or cry. Some have reported seeing beautiful colors. One student even recently shared that, after attending a session with a former partner, they were able to experience closure in the relationship. These experiences are precisely why Karina sees this act of holding space as so important. She begins each session by asking her guides for support and for finding the right words as she guides people (hopefully!) toward a transformative experience. Once the sound bath is done, she blesses and then closes the energetic circle.

Karina joined the AquaVie community in 2017 and feels most rewarded by the relationships built with both staff and students. In this time, she has continually encouraged members of the community by reminding them that the hardest part is showing up. “The practice does not have to look perfect,” she says, “That’s why it’s called a practice.” The most important thing is to find a movement practice that makes you feel good. For Karina, you’ll find her practicing movement at Christie Wang’s Pilates class, yoga, dancing, swimming, hiking, rollerblading, and practicing (equally important) mindfulness through meditation, prayer, journaling, being in nature, and reiki.