This time of year, we celebrate the joy of being together. We recognize our loved ones—whether Valentines, gal pals, co-workers, or best buds. But one less-recognized relationships many of us have—or could benefit from having—are our workout partners. With love from the AquaVie team to you and yours, here’s a few ways to celebrate these special accountability partners this love month and throughout the year—from your barre buddies to your go-to spotters.

Maximize Your Buddy System

While quick rests between sets is an important part of every workout, too much down time can stifle your ability to get the most from your gym session. To avoid too long or counterproductive resting periods, try alternating moves or machines with your workout partner. Not only will this make your workouts smoother and quicker, but it will also challenge and maximize your stamina.

Another key component of a solid workout buddy relationship is to openly acknowledge the differences that may exist between you. You may have different muscle groups you want to target, having different body goals, or you may just be working from very different starting points. Don’t let these differences come between you! In these cases, modifications are crucial. Whether it’s a modification of weight or a slightly adjusted routine. With small modifications both partners can feel confident in their ability to hit their goals and confident in the open communication you’ll share.

More than anything, the best part of having a gym partner is enjoying being present with them throughout the sweat sesh. Don’t forget to have fun with your partner! Whether fun to you both looks like a bit of healthy competition or having a few laughs along the way.

Class Up Your Routine

Have a gym buddy who hasn’t been to a Group X class in a while? From March 5-25th all active members will be able to bring a plus-one with them to AquaVie with no guest pass required.

Or, even better, your favorite classes are already packed with potential buddies built in! Making a class friend is a great way to build accountability into your routine, plus it’s a sure-fire way to make showing up consistently even more fun.

Co-plan Your Cool Down

Sometimes the best part about getting a great sweat, is enjoying an even sweeter cool down. Having a workout partner makes the post-exercise more fun, too. Take some time before the start of your workout to pre-plan your cool down together. Perhaps you’ll order breakfast to the AquaVie rooftop and enjoy some sun from the deck chairs or take a quick dip in the pool or a relaxing soak in the hot tubs to soothe sore muscles. Or, maybe a relaxing sauna session or a massage appointment at AquaVie Spa is more your speed. Or maybe you both like to walk it out. Take you cool down by the water with a quick walk from our facilities to Seaport Village.

Having a plan for post-workout activity can make particularly difficult gym days feel easier. Remind each other of the delicious brunch or the warm sauna waiting for you. Together, you can push each other to the end of even the toughest sets.