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Signature Spa Services

    • Signature Spa Services

    • Elevated Wellness Facial

      60 Mins | $130
      90 Mins | $175

      Rebalance skin tone and relieve stress with a completely customized facial that leverages the power of natural-origin active ingredients. Whether you’re in need of deep purification, intense hydration or soothing relief for sensitive skin, we will tailor a unique facial with massage techniques and products that are right for you. Includes extractions.

    • Elevated Wellness Massage

      30 Mins | $95
      60 Mins | $135
      90 Mins | $195

      Our skilled massage therapists will customize your bodywork based on your specific needs and personal preferences.
      Includes your choice of massage modalities and therapeutic essential oils.

    • Elevated Wellness Manicure

      60 Mins | $50

      This luxurious treatment leaves your hands healthy and rejuvenated. Nails are expertly trimmed and shaped while hands are moisturized with nourishing shea butter and exfoliated to a soft, smooth finish.

    • Elevated Wellness Manicure/Pedicure

      120 Mins | $105

      Treat both your hands and your feet for the ultimate in nourishing nail care treatments.

    • Couple’s Massage

      60 Mins | $250
      90 Mins | $350

      A popular indulgence for vacations and special occasions, our relaxing Couple’s Massage includes the Elevated Wellness Massage for two. Two of our skilled massage therapists will simultaneously attend to your individual needs in our spacious and well-appointed couple’s therapy room.

    • Elevated Wellness Pedicure

      60 Mins | $65

      This detoxifying and restorative indulgence begins with a nutrient-rich soak. Nails are then expertly trimmed and shaped, and calluses are smoothed. A detoxifying salt or sugar scrub is combined with a mud mask to soften, smooth and balance skin.

    • Fatigued Leg Treatment

      15 Mins | $35

      Exfoliate and detoxify with citrus and menthol to bring immediate relief to tired, heavy legs. Helps relieve pain and swelling due to fluid retention by improving circulation and promoting drainage.

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