AQUAVIE Member Rooftop Access FAQs 2020-08-29T17:03:50-07:00

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AQUAVIE Member Rooftop Access FAQs

While AquaVie indoor amenities are currently closed, current AquaVie members are invited to utilize our outdoor Rooftop Pool Deck equipment, running track, and pool. We’ve relocated extra equipment to the rooftop, so the outdoor space has extra equipment variety for everyone!

AquaVie will offer limited access to the outdoor Rooftop Pool Deck and equipment. Since capacity is limited to allow for proper social distancing, members are required to RSVP in advance.

  • How do members RSVP?
    • Members can RSVP on the AquaVie website at
    • For Account Log-In support, please email     
    • Members can reserve time for Equipment Only use and Pool Only use.Walk-ins are welcome but access is not guaranteed. Please RSVP to ensure you can safely workout at your preferred time.
    • **IMPORTANT – Once a member accesses the Rooftop deck, your AquaVie Membership will be reactivated and the member will be billed monthly.
  • Hours of Operation
    • Monday – Friday 6 AM – 8 PM
    • Saturday & Sunday 8 AM – 4 PM
  • Can members use the locker room while on the property?
    • During this time, members may gain access to their locker to remove personal items during the indoor closure. Unfortunately, we cannot allow members to utilize lockers before, during, or after workouts. Shower access is not available during this time. Please note the rooftop space does not have a water fountain. Please bring plenty of water with you.
  • How long can a member stay?
    • Equipment Only use is available in 1-hour increments
    • Pool Only use is available in 2-hour increments.
  • What is the RSVP capacity?
    • Equipment Only capacity (15)
    • Pool Only capacity is (15)
  • Do we still accept New Members?
  • How do members access the rooftop space?
    • Members will access the Rooftop Pool Deck via The Westgate Hotel. Use the guest elevator to access the 3rd Floor and follow directional signs to rooftop space.
  • Where do members check-in?
    • Upon arrival at the Rooftop Pool Deck, the AquaVie Concierge will welcome you, confirm the reservation, take temperatures, and remind members of our safety guidelines, including the use of face coverings at all times. **Please note face coverings are required while walking from machine/activity to activity. Face coverings are only allowed to be removed if actively engaged in a workout, sitting on a chase lounge or while in the pool.
  • Does AquaVie provide towels and fitness accessories (yoga mats, rollers, etc)?
    • Towels, yoga mats, rollers and other items will be available for use. Unfortunately, the rooftop space does not have a water fountain. Please bring plenty of water with you.
  • What are the Health and Safetly measures? 
    • The health and safety of our employees and you are at the heart of our operations. Our club uses cleaning products and protocols that meet or exceed the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) & CDC guidelines, such as such as eMist electrostatic disinfectant sprayers and Ecolab disinfecting products. These protocols are approved for the treatment of and are effective against viruses, bacteria, and other airborne and bloodborne pathogens. We have added hand sanitizer throughout the club for members and employees. You can help our efforts by using sanitizer wipes provided around the gym and wiping down equipment both before and after use.

Stay Healthy and Safe!